Highland Museum in Château d’Oex / Musée du Vieux Pays d’Enhaut

I wrote about the Old Highland Museum in a previous blog post in the context of their  temporary exhibition of Swiss paper-cut art. However, this museum is well worth a visit for their permanent exhibition of traditional art and lifestyle of the Fribourg highlands. I am social here:

Swiss Papercut Art – Château d’Oex Museum

We recently visited the Museum of the district Pays d’En Haut in Château d’Oex which is hosting a temporary exhibition of Swiss paper-cut art from the Simmental, Saanenland and Paysd’Enhaut regions of Switzerland. I am social here:

The Sensler Museum in Tafers

Friday was a bank holiday in the canton of Fribourg and we took this opportunity to visit a museum that had interested me for quite some time but didn’t get the chance to see until now because it’s open only for 3 hours a day, between 14:00 – 17:00. I…

The Sense Headdress

The Sense folk costume is unique in Switzerland, this type used to be worn by girls upon marriage. The headdress was marker of the marital status, like allover Europe and in other parts of the world. Nowadays the traditional costume is worn for the catholic Corpus Christi processions in Tafers…