I am proud and delighted to launch FriboY’s  #nft collectible tokens. It is a series of collectible digital cards for the non fungible tokens art market (purchase only with ETH digital currency), each depicting an original elemental beast designed by FriboY and me.

In case you were wondering what is so special about these cards, apart from their unicity and originality, also if you are new to this page and don’t know our story: my son is now 9 yrs old and he started his artistic career at the age of 9 months when he held a brush for the very first time. He was born with a very severe speech impairment that limited his access to understanding and producing verbal language.
So I always used visuals to communicate with him, since he was a baby. While this impairment is no longer a problem (he is trilingual now and he goes to a great school with wonderfully talented teachers that helped him develop his language skills), he continued to develop his visual artistic skills, which are incredible and uniquely his.
He is a visionary. Simply because he had to rely on mental vision and spatial reasoning to communicate. I remember collapsing down in tears when we got the diagnosis, and first found out that not only he might never be able to speak properly, but he might not understand verbal language.
Our journey has been long and paved with many tears and also lots of color and paint. I see him and the gifts he brought to this world, so I am extremely proud to share his work on this platform.
By purchasing these cards you are participating at family effort, my son comes up with the idea and designs the creature, I add color and my husband does the nft part.
These are digital paintings but the style is similar to a technique I have previously used for reverse glass painting with Friboy’s drawings. Every purchase comes with an art print. You can find them here.

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