I am human living in Fribourg, Switzerland with my tribe, FriBoy, who is 7, FriDad, who is older than 7 (or so he likes to think) and our dog Loko (who thinks he is a cat).

I started this platform out of love for the city of Fribourg because this place is a constant inspiration for me and I wanted to give something back for everything I have received since we moved here. So many of my blog posts will be about living the Fri life.

I studied Computer Science and Automation Engineering and in another life I had a corporate career as Project Manager. After my son was born, I gave that up to pursue more meaningful interests like my family, education, anthropology and art.  My interests are very versatile but everything converges in art which exists in every aspect of my life. In my household making and owning art is both a necessity and an immense pleasure. I use art as therapy and communication with my son who has a rare speech impairment disorder (lexical-semantic dysphasia). Art is my way of helping him appropriate language and other aspects of everyday life as well as giving him a healthy means of expression, encouraging creativity and self-confidence. So this platform is also about raising awareness about this condition. 5% of children suffer from a specific language disorder. Lexical-semantic dysphasia is even less than that. Diagnosis is a difficult and long process and not many children get there. I am happy to share our experience and knowledge here.

There is a shop section to this site, where you can buy my paintings, illustrations or decorative objects. By purchasing an item from my shop you help support a social business based in Fribourg. For each sale, I will donate 10% of the product price to a social/humanitarian cause.

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