My name is Alexandra, I am a full time visual artist, based in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. I sign my work under Frifemme (which stands for free woman). I am also the co-owner of an art gallery / art space in La Roche, Espace Frifemme.

 My style is quite personal, drawing on my life experience and personal interests. I am someone that is very passionate and curious about how people have been making sense of life around the world since the beginning of it. Some call this anthropology…for me it is the story of our human journey. There is a lot of research in what I do, and when I paint I feel like an ethnographer out in the field collecting a meaningful story that needs to be remembered.

 I am also touched and inspired by the feminine in all its aspects, which is reflected in almost all of my work. My painting is also very much influenced by my son, who was born with a speech impairment. I used visual aid and drawing to enable and encourage him to communicate and express himself. So I actually trained with him and his unique graphic style is reflected in mine. I often collaborate with him and integrate his drawings in my art.

 I am also interested in environmental issues. Painting random household on objects like shaving brushes, or food cans, is my way of taking responsibility for how we humans have harmed our environment, reclaiming the suffering, the ugliness, the waste and transforming them into objects of beauty, and giving them back like sacred offerings and a promise of hope…that we can still make things right in our world. 

 It is my dream to leave this world more beautiful than how I found it.