The cosmic guardians

I am super excited to launch my #NFT art collection. It is a collection of archetypal beings, overseeing the rules of the universe. The first 5: The Cosmic Duck, the Primordial Cow, the Karmic squirrel, the Transcendental Chicken and the Intergalactic Squid are already up on OpenSea market. They are…

Frifemme – My story

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself again after a long time. My name is Alexandra, I am 37 yrs old and live in Fribourg, Switzerland together with my 3 people tribe: my husband, my son a.k.a. Friboy, and our non-human dog person Loko. I was born…

Les potz

Les potz was born out of necessity because I needed flower pots for my plants and since the stores were closed I had to improvise. So I repurposed the tin cans we had stocked for the quarantine. They are hand painted and coated with water proof varnish.

The humanz

The humanz is a collection of old bowling pins, I have restored and painted by hand. They are an ecclectic bunch – a skipper, an artist (Yayoi Kusama), a mystic, an Indian woman, the Virgin Mary – and reflect my curiosity and interest in cultural diversity and spirituality.