A Christmas tradition from Appenzell Inner-Rhodes

Here comes a Christmas tradition from a special canton of Switzerland, Appenzell Inner-Rhodes, the smallest Swiss federal state by population number and the last one to award women the right to vote in cantonal elections (only in 1991). Appenzell Inner-Rhodes is most known for the practice of Landsgemeinde, open voting by the raising of hands in the public town square, one of the oldest forms of direct democracy. This canton is also known for its unique folk costumes, naive paintings and agrarian traditions. Its relative isolation, it is located away from the main communication routes, was a contributing factor in the preservation of the specificity of traditional practices at various times of the year. One of these unique practices is the Chlausezüüg.

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Urban hiking – Sentier Ritter

This is one of my favorite hikes in Fribourg because it’s well hidden and goes through a forest and along a lake giving me the impression that I am far away from the urban world. These nature trails in the middle of the city make this place so appealing and special to me. Back when we used to live in Bucharest we had weekends to get away from the city and see some nature but it took so much time (spent in traffic) to get there that the trip defeated its purpose.

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Rullion is back with a vengeance

When I was a child, the beginning of March was always a magical and highly expected time of the year, partly because I never liked January and February. After the euphoria of December, they seemed to me like a perpetual Monday. March was the promise of good weather, Martisor  [Mərtsishor] (a talisman exchanged by people on the 1st of March in celebration of spring and the renewal of time) and the days of Baba Dochia [Dokia].

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