I am super excited to launch my #NFT art collection. It is a collection of archetypal beings, overseeing the rules of the universe. The first 5: The Cosmic Duck, the Primordial Cow, the Karmic squirrel, the Transcendental Chicken and the Intergalactic Squid are already up on OpenSea market. They are all original paintings, painted by hand and digitized as NFT tokens.

The Intergalactic Squid is the HR Director of the universe. He is there to ensure that everyone is serving their purpose, and that every from of life has what it needs in order to grow and thrive.
It has come to his attention that humans need some clarity and guidance as to their role on planet Earth. It seems that at some point in their evolution they lost touch with their connection to the natural world and the role they play in it. Because of this perceived disconnection, they are living in the illusion that the human is the CEO of Planet Earth Corporation, the one who calls the shots for all life on Earth because he thinks that this is his job description:
– plan and deploy the development strategy of Earth Corp.
– manage and control the life capital of planet Earth
– assign roles and responsibilities for the lower forms of life
– control natural resources and manage their distribution
– ensure profit maximization for investors
– develop and deploy the business continuity plan in view of colonizing other planets, in case of a major fuck up of Earth Corp.
This dissociation has also created the illusion that life is a hierarchical structure, that there is a chain of power serving the fittest and strongest, with the human at its top, and everything else is subordinated and in the service of human development.
Because Earth is going through some major transformations, where the ecosystem has lost its balance, plunging life into chaos and uncertainty for many species, the Intergalactic Squid came out to say:
Hierarchy is an illusion of the human ego, nature is an interconnected and interdependent web of relationships based on reciprocity. Every living being has an equally important role to play in the evolution of life, from the tree that makes nuts and gives them freely, to the squirrel that takes those nuts and buries them in the ground making new trees grow, to the human harvesting those nuts and taking care of the tree, protecting it from pests.
Life is a gift and all creatures living in harmony with life know how much to take and that gifts are always to be shared and returned. It is only people that crave power, recognition and connection, because they have lost the wisdom that came through connection to nature, with the natural self / their intuition, and they lost the inner strength that comes with knowing with every cell in your body, that you already have a purpose and utility, you matter and you are deeply loved and needed in the great web of life.
Humans are stewards of all life on Earth and that in itself is bigger and more important than any role that they can dream for themselves. Get out of your minds, nature dreams bigger and better than any human mind can!
So the squid has a question for you: are you ready to step in your rightful role of steward of all life, to bring balance, beauty and harmony for every living creature on Earth?
If your answer was yes, ask yourself “how can I do that from my current position?” and all you need to know will come to you in the right time.
The transcendental chicken is the master of transcendence because he has passed the ultimate test of life, to transcend his own nature, his chickeness – the fear that kept him paralyzed in the paradox of the flightless bird, “destined” to serve as meal for the humans.
He was not magically enlightened into an eagle state or rebirthed as a Phoenix through some external intervention, he is still a chicken that feels and experiences everything that a chicken does. He became the boss of his fears, and although fear is always there in his reptilian brain with threats of deadly viruses, chicken eating evil beings, and KFC crispy strips, it no longer runs the show. He walked hand in hand with fear until fear became his greatest teacher.
So where other chickens see danger, fearing, repercussions, persecutions, loss and judgement, the Transcedental Chicken sees opportunity, possibility, evolution and growth.
His message is:
“Running from fear, seeking safety in known and practiced behaviors is an illusion. Fear cannot be escaped because it is not external, it resides deep in your limbic brain, operating through your subconscious mind programming, rearing its head when it perceives a threat, keeping you a slave to your past. The way out of fear is always through it, by walking the dark tunnel of your subconscious into the unknown, where nor your, nor anyone else in your family have dared venture before. Life does not reward the fittest, it rewards the bravest. Step into the dark cave of your mind with fearlessness because nothing that needs to hide has any power of its own, your fear fuels it. Life is always on your side but it requires you to trust and move forth with courage.”
The Karmic squirrel is the karma deliverer, the master planner of the universe, keeping it in balance by planting the right seeds where they are needed.
His message: when someone or something harms you, hanging on to hate, retribution, resentment, mentally planning revenge or acting upon it, will make that wound bigger and stronger. It will end up by hurting you more. You are not the karma deliverer, thank that person or situation for the lesson and opportunity to rise above it. Your power resides not in denying your dark self – your dark thoughts and feelings. Power is having the possibility to harm someone and choosing not to, sitting there with the karmic dagger and not using it. Power is choice, the choice to accept your own duality…accepting your darkness and not acting upon it. When you dance with both the dark and the light in you, you have transcended the limitations of your human condition.
The Primordial Cow governs the law of ayni, which in quechua language means mutualism, reciprocity. The law of ayni states that everything in the world is connected. She speaks of its origins and how it evolved (text written in white on the cape):
Once upon a time there was a singularity. It felt lonely so it multiplied, and it felt so much awe and love for what it created that it wanted to share this love and gave its children the same powers, to love and create, provided that they do so, too. And thus love keeps growing to this day.
The cosmic duck is the master floater of the universe. It is here to tell you that Newton’s third law of motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction FA = −FB, does not always serve humans.  It works better on ducks because they have master floating and know how to balance the push and pull. “Don’t react unless you can quack!” Sometimes it is better to let go and not push back on the pull of life, flowing will get you faster to where you need to be.
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that all of my art can be purchased with BTC, ETH and many more digital currencies directly on my website.

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