The Sense folk costume is unique in Switzerland, this type used to be worn by girls upon marriage. The headdress was marker of the marital status, like allover Europe and in other parts of the world. Nowadays the traditional costume is worn for the catholic Corpus Christi processions in Tafers and Dudingen.

Photo taken at the Sensler Museum in Tafers

The headdress called Kränzli is made of intricately sewn sequins and metal thread and reminded me of the headdress worn by girls from the Oas region in Romania for their wedding until mid XX century.

In Oas young brides still wear the headdress but it has evolved to something different, more opulent.

Photo to the left: Young Singinoise wearing the Kränzli
Top right: young married couple from the Oas region in Northern Romania
Bottom right: Hungarian (secui) couple from Sic village in the Cluj – Napoca district of Romania wearing pleated shirts (german saxon influence)

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