Highland Museum in Château d’Oex / Musée du Vieux Pays d’Enhaut

I wrote about the Old Highland Museum in a previous blog post in the context of their  temporary exhibition of Swiss paper-cut art. However, this museum is well worth a visit for their permanent exhibition of traditional art and lifestyle of the Fribourg highlands. I am social here:

Romania – Ethnographic Museum of Vatra Dornei

Cultural identity is an idea that sparked my interest a while ago and I started doing personal research on this subject and also went on a spree of visiting ethnographic museums in the areas where I traveled to see how this idea was reflected across various cultures by these so…

Shadow Box Art Installation

Last year the Romanian Embassy invited me to exhibit my woodwork at their HQ for the International Day of the Romanian Blouse, celebrated on the 24th of June.  The space was limited to a small table which was a challenge for me, because I had no clue how to squeeze…

Swiss Papercut Art – Château d’Oex Museum

We recently visited the Museum of the district Pays d’En Haut in Château d’Oex which is hosting a temporary exhibition of Swiss paper-cut art from the Simmental, Saanenland and Paysd’Enhaut regions of Switzerland. I am social here: