The Communications Museum in Bern had a makeover recently and is probably the best educational experience we’ve had in a museum. To me it’s proof of how much museography has evolved and how by embracing digital era technologies museums can become learning hubs for both adults and kids.

The exhibition is more than cross-disciplinary covering subjects from verbal communication (sociolinguistics for e.g.) to data storage devices (sumerian clay plates to digital devices), to the evolution of Swiss postal services, the evolution of communication devices and new age technologies.

Switching station from 1880
Tomahawk pipe

The games and activities for kids are super captivating. We spent 3 hours there and FriBoy would still have played some more.


Everybody there is at least bilingual. Don’t know if it is an HR policy but thumbs up for that. I also liked how they brought up the subject of ethics and new technologies. It really makes you think how you are contributing to this modern slavery chain.


It’s a progressive sign for a museum to address questions that make people uncomfortable because they are part of the problem. Again thumbs up for that!

Did you know that only 1% of Apple sales are wages?

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