This year is coming to end and I sort of have this habit (superstition ) to close the circle the same way I started it.

This means that at the beginning of the year I infuse the first 7 days only with activities that are meaningful to me, that give me purpose or joy, excluding everything and everyone that might ruin my mojo. This way my whole year will be paved with meaning, purpose and joy. And I close this one year circle by doing something that I really really like.

So I visited the North American Native Indian Museum – NONAM in Zürich to see Leo Yerxa’s exhibition Tales from the Woodlands.

Leo Yerxa was a Canadian visual artist of Ojibway descent who is said to have “bridged the gulf between Indigenous and European art”. A while ago his beautifully illustrated children’s book Ancient Thunder, opened my eyes to his art. I find his collage technique simply genius.

The exhibition which covers the 1st floor of the museum is a delight for the senses and is child friendly. It ends on the 25th of February 2018. The collection of the NONAM by itself is amazing but more about it in another post.



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