Sunday we went sledding on the Barry Brust track in Basse Ville Fribourg, which was a first for us. FriBoy loved it and I hope it will become a tradition.

Where I grew up in the Romanian far east, which is called the Romanian Siberia, winters were so harsh and snow fell so heavy that sometimes people had to dig out tunnels under the snow to get out of their houses. Sidewalks were never snow-free, it was heaven for children.

Snow covered side walks in my native hometown.

We never had the opportunity to use the sledge in Fribourg until this weekend. This reminded me of my childhood.

Rue de la Samaritaine – 150 m track

The food and fire were a nice extra.

Soupe de chalet

I loved the whole neighborhood party look and feel. Thumbs up to the organizers!



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