This is the only artsy activity I managed to do this summer with Friboy. I wanted to do more clay masks from different cultures but he wasn’t into it that much. We made this one which is inspired by Romanian dance masks related to winter / end of the year traditions.

At first it was meant to be a mask, but then I thought it would look better if I had turned it into a figurative 3d painting.

I used a left over and cheap air dry clay I had around the house, but I am quite happy with these no name brands you buy in arts and crafts stores. The results can be equally impressive.

Friboy cut the outline of the face and added the facial features based photos of Romanian masks I showed him.

Romanian mask by Paul Buta

He chose his own colors so it turned out quite different than the traditional ones. We used gouache paint and oil crayons.

After it was dry I glued it to a wooden board and painted the background with acrylics.


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