The Nestle Museum in Vevey

To my mind a contemporary museum is an educational space that enables critical reflection by asking the right questions, while minimizing its own bias . If it manages to do all that while entertaining me that is progressive museography. Having said this, I don’t think the Nest Museum of Nestle is a real museum, mausoleum would be more fit of a title, or its other designation, discovery center for children and adults, is definitely more appropriate.

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Artsy Wednesdays – Easter Squeegee Painting

Each year before a major holiday I plan to send postcards to our extended family members. Sometimes I even go buy beautifully illustrated cards that end up in a drawer instead of the post office, or other times I craft cute cards with FriBoy, that end up in a different drawer. Social media has done that to us, now we send memes and tag each other on facebook. But this year is going to be different. I will definitely send these cards!

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Rhino Star – The Museum of Natural History

As much as I love art, I wish I could say the coolest museum in Fribourg is the Art and History one, but it’s actually not. The Natural History Museum is the cultural institution by far the most alive and in tune with its public, especially the young public. Which is rather ironic for a place exhibiting dead animals but this means it is a real dynamic learning hub.

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