As much as I love art, I wish I could say the coolest museum in Fribourg is the Art and History one, but it’s actually not. The Natural History Museum is the cultural institution by far the most alive and in tune with its public, especially the young public. Which is rather ironic for a place exhibiting dead animals but this means it is a real dynamic learning hub.

It is actually the most creative and educational museum for kids in Fribourg. FriBoy has been there countless times and he’s never got bored. Their Wednesday artsy workshops are a great way for kids to spend 2 creative hours.

This week I took him to several activities related to their new exhibition about the Indian rhinoceros. They have restored a 1889 rhino and built a creative and educational space around it.

Rhino mask from Guatemala

We loved the crowd funding idea for the Rhino Protection Units in Indonesia.   They set up a giant rhino silhouette that children can fill in with small wooden squares available at difference prices at the museum reception and which they can decorate on the spot.

Rhino SOS crowd funding creative wall

The exhibition is open until August 2018, see schedule here.  Their activities are very interdisciplinary and I think that’s what makes this place so successful.  We loved it and will go back for more.

Rhino story telling for kids
They even baked rhino pastry.


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