I made this painting last year as a birthday gift to FriDad, it’s a different kind of self portrait. I think real self portraits are for interesting people like Frida Kahlo ,for example, and I thought it would be more fun to paint the unseen rather than the figure.

Self portrait with Frida Kahlo

Kokeshi dolls: Salvador Dali, Karl Lagerfeld, Charlie Chaplin, Harry Potter, Alfred Einstein, Mircea Eliade

This is a Lego version of Frida’s painting “Self Portrait with Curly Hair, 1935”.  I mainly painted her like this because I was so afraid I wouldn’t do her justice if I tried to capture her playfulness in a realistic way. But this painting gave me courage to attempt a real portrait of Frida Kahlo.

The reason why I am incorporating Frida Kahlo in my art is her attitude to making art…art was more than medicine, it existed in every aspect of her life to the point that her life became it, which today makes her so fascinating and her personalty overshadow that of Diego Rivera.

Her diary is a work of art and a great source of inspiration. It is one of my favorite reads.

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