This week for Artsy Wednesdays we played with letters. The purpose of this activity was to go through the french alphabet in a creative an artful way by making fingerprint animals for each letter.

At first I tried to include other words as well, because some of these animals are rather unusual and hard to pronounce for FriBoy but he didn’t want that. It is generally recommended to use familiar, daily life vocabulary with children that have a speech impairment for the simple reason that they will use those words more often. However, from my experience with FriBoy, he appropriates faster and better the notions that interest him to the point of passion, such as the life of animals.

These are the templates I made, they are free to download and use.

French animals alphabet A-L
French animals’ alphabet M-Z

We used regular watercolors (but you can also buy finger paint) and a black sharpie do draw the details. Watercolor paper is best because it is thicker.

I had planned to let him choose the animals and encourage him to draw them his way but he only had patience for a few letters.

I also plan to use these templates to invent bedtime stories.

P.S. Writing this I realized that I forgot the letter X, which in the french animals inventory is the Xérus. Have fun imagining it!



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