This is my second portrait in the Inspiring Women series, after Misuzu Kaneko. I painted her because she is the best example that the only way to be authentic is to be yourself. It is actually her diary that inspired me to create her portrait and not her art.

Frida Kahlo is the most appropriated personality in the history of cultural appropriation. She is now a pop culture item, she’s everywhere in the world, from gym bags, coffee mugs to Halloween costumes. Her life turned her into a fine art Madonna.

When Diego Rivera had an affair with her sister, in an act of anger and spite Frida cut her beautiful long hair short, because it was one of the things he loved about her and she painted herself like that. Out of her own portraits I like best the ones with short hair, her Self portrait with curly hair from 1935 is my favorite.

Self portrait with curly hair, 1935

I wanted to make mine in the same short hair style but with a twist so I added the embroidered flowers to draw the eye to her hair. and also because she often had flowers in her hair. It’s my second attempt to use classic embroidery in contemporary art, after Misuzu Kaneko’s portrait.

Frida and Misuzu
Frida Kahlo’s portrait



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