Creating a vacation storybook helps develop the superpower of creating and using visuals in all aspects of life.

I did this the first time for his summer vacation and it was a huge success at school, he used it as visual support to describe what he did during his vacation.


Visual narratives are an amazing tool for children to develop their vocabulary, their memory, understanding of abstract notions such as time and space, succession of events, not to even mention the unlimited creative power behind it.

FriBoy likes to decorate his storybooks with drawings
Dino park map from a vacation is Spain

I’ve used visual methods of communication with FriBoy for more than 4 years now and it has yielded amazing results.

Ice cream wrapping from Lithuania
The Fribourg Natural Museum Leaflet

We use photos, leaflets, entry tickets, food wrapping and everything else the is interesting to keep from a vacation be it local or not. I make sure to arrange the photos in a sequence that will help him narrate what he did during his vacation.

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