I wanted to start this post in an encouraging way but I have no idea how, so I will let this intention speak for itself. A while ago I started noticing the squirrels that live in the park near our home. They are active from around march to november, usually in the early morning and sometimes at noon too, if it’s not too noisy. I started leaving nuts for them, but being at home with my son allowed us more time to make a proper feeder.

All craft shops were closed on Tuesday, so we only had time to buy squirrel food and for the rest we relied on stuff we already had around the house…which is a great creativity booster.

This is what we used:

  • 2 old photo frames
  • Thin wood plank
  • Wood stick
  • Fretsaw
  • Glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Nails and hammer / Furniture stapler
  • Suspenders for the elastic band
  • Outdoor paint / water resistant paint

We used photo frames for two reasons, first it makes it easier to check how much food is left by looking through the glass and secondly I wanted to paint one of the sides.

We measured the wood plank based on the size of the photo frames, Friboy helped me cut it with a fretsaw.

We attached each of the 6 sides with wooden sticks, it makes it easier to nail the parts to eachother.

I painted it with some leftover outdoor furniture paint.

We used elastic band from a pair of suspenders to attach the top lid because we didn’t have appropriate hinges.

We used the other photo frame to make a squirrel painting just because they feel our lives with simple, quiet and unassuming beauty…the only type that truly matters.

We bought squirrel food from Bauhaus, but I guess we can also make our own mix with seeds and nuts.

The tree was not harmed in this process, we did not drill holes, insted we tied it with wire around the trunk.

Squirrels are true investors in future and community, they gather and bury seeds which later grow into new trees for the benefit of the next generations…for the benefit of every living being.

I hope we are able to turn this current situation into an opportunity to be more mindful about our legacy on this earth and the seeds we plant.








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