I was clueless this morning what to do for a creative activity but when desperate, clay is always a good idea.

We made trace fossils using air dry clay and some of his favorite animal figurines. He rolled the clay to about 2 cm thickness, cut a round shape with a regular cookie cutter and pressed the animal’s foot into the clay as deep as possible for a better 3D effect.


I baked them at 50 C for about 2 hours until dry. With a dash of paint they would have looked more realistic but he didn’t want to paint them.

I asked him to match the traces with the corresponding animals and he loved to play detective like this. It’s actually a good way to mix a little bit of science with art and play. He then integrated the fossils in his imaginative play. It turned out to be a good start of our new creative year.


You can buy air-dry clay at Manor, Jumbo, Manor, Bauhaus or any other craft store.

Wishing everyone a year full of creativity!

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