Cooking has been one of my favorite activities with FriBoy since he was a baby. I’d carry him in the baby sling while I cooked and when he was old enough he became more involved in our kitchen activities, usually making a mess.

He was always with us in the kitchen when we prepared food, curious and asking to participate. This made me very happy, mainly because I was never encouraged to participate in what happened in the kitchen as a child, which made me lose interest and appropriate the idea the cooking was not for me. In my 20s I couldn’t even boil an egg and relearning to love the process of preparing my own food took a long time.

Cooking is a social and cultural activity, I think kids should be part of it since they learn to put food in their mouths. Despite the mess, letting FriBoy participate in our household activities has proved fruitful in many ways, he has grown more confident and handy in using all sorts of utensils and also more patient and cooperating. Anyway, everything starts with making a mess, we wouldn’t know order if it weren’t for the mess.

Here is our recipe for Halloween cheese cookies. We bought the cutters from Lidl, but Manor also has a cute selection of cookie shapes.

You need: 300 g Serac cheese, 100 g sour cream, 1 egg, 80 g sugar, 120 g butter, 210 g flour, a pinch of salt

Blend together the Serac cheese and the sour cream until smooth. Add the egg and the sugar and mix everything together until well incorporated.


Cut the cold butter in small pieces. Separately, mix the flour and the salt and blend in the butter. Mix it well with the flour and add the cheese mixture.


Work the dough into a ball and let it refrigerate for an hour. Sprinkle flour onto the rolling surface and roll the dough to about half a cm thickness. Cut the shapes you want and place them on a tray lined with baking paper.


Brush the cookies with egg wash. Mix 50 g sugar with cinnamon powder, according to your taste (for us the more the better) and sprinkle it on the cookies.

Bake at 190 C preheated oven for about 15 min.



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