This is a series of small paintings based on Friboy’s drawings of the raving rabbids sold at Bazar Bizarre and some commissioned by Friboy’s aunt.

For Bazar Bizarre I had painted Bwaaapoleon  (Napoleon), Bwaaaysha (a japanese geisha), Rabida Bwaaalo (Frida Kahlo), Bwaayar (an Eastern european boyar or nobleman), Bwaarl Lagerfeld and Bwaaana Wintour (Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour), the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and Bwaaascartes (Descartes).

Bwaaaisha, Rabida Bwaaalo, The Queen of Hearts, Bwaaapoleon, a Bwaaayar, another Rabida Bwaaalo
Bwaaapoleon, Bwaaascartes, Rabida Bwaaalo, Bwaaaisha
Bwaaarl Lagerfeld and Bwaaana Wintour

After I had made these ones, I had a hard time coming up with other original figures. It turns out these raving rabbids are highly inspiring and I made another six of Carmen Amaya, Iris Apfel, Hercules Poirot, Vlad Dracula, Dita von Teese, Albert Einstein, Don Corleone and Marie Antoinette.

Bwaaainstein, Bwaaad the Impaler, Hercules Bwaarot, Boïta von Teese, Iris Bwaaapfle, Carmen Bwaaamaya
Marie Bwaaantoinette
Don Bwaaarleone

Carmen Bwaaamaya, the catalan romani flamenco dancer whose passionate performance forever changed this dance, is one of my favourites.

Carmen Bwaaamaya
Boïta von Teese
Hercules Bwaaarot
Iris Bwaaapfel
Bwaaat the Impaler




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