Since FriBoy figured out that he can design and make his own stuffed toys, this has become a favorite activity in our household. He also wants the most unusual animals which we can’t readily find in a toy store. This time he wanted a flying squirrel, now our 5th handmade stuffed toy.

I’ve posted about our previous stuffed toys here and here. Everything is hand sewn so he can participate in each step of the process. Obviously, it is more time consuming than if I used a sewing machine, but then his input would be limited as he is too young to use the machine. This way he designs the toy and he helps me not only cut the pieces of fabric but also put them together.

FriBoy’s stuffed animals

Making these stuffed animals with him opens a larger discussion about the animal we are recreating. When he drew the flying squirrel I thought the head was to0 small to stuff and redrew a larger one. He disagreed and showed me that these rodents do have a small head compared to the body and wings’ span.

Photo from here:

The process is the same as here, only easier as we had only three parts to cut and put together and the wings did not require stuffing.

He cut the patrons (2 for each body part) and the fabric, and I helped with the sewing and stuffing.

He actually plays with his diy toys quite a lot. I find the whole thing from designing the toy to imagining a play routine very creative. It keeps his mind cogs working in a positive direction and he learns that it’s more fun to make stuff than to buy it.


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