This is a new painting, or visual story how I like to call it, in my journey of initiation series.

It is about how the roadrunner, a flightless bird helped a certain curly haired wordless boy find his words and the meaning of life by showing him what cool birds roadrunners are, even if they don’t fly as well as the other birds and by taking him on a trip to the Arizona desert where he met Hospoa, the Roadrunner Kachina of the Hopi people who showed him how the roadrunner became the king of birds.

The roadrunner is a medicine bird for the Hopi natives, a pueblo people living in the American south-west. The Roadrunner Kachina is one of the Hopi’s 400 Katsinam, supernaturals embodying the spirits of living things and of ancestors, occasionally used in their late spring dances to bring rain.

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