When I was a small kid I would ask my grandmother to take me and my sister to the railway station. It was my favorite thing to do, sitting there and watching the trains until they left. They were old, smelly and rundown, but to me they looked magical because they took people to places they had never seen before.

The fact that travelling was so limited in communist Romania, made trains even more fascinating to me. If I could not travel, my imagination could.
Learning to live with these limitations was a precious lesson…every new place I see and new experience I live are filtered through the awe and wonder of that kid that stood there on the platform hoping one day to board that train.
If you are on a spiritual path or want a meaningful change in your life, the journey always starts right where you are. Changing scenery, environment, jobs, houses, partners etc. is a change of form, not substance. The promise of anything better than what you are experiencing is in you. You are the blue train.
Believe, dream and manifest with loving intentions!

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