My sister asked me if I could paint a mural on her terrace. I had never done it before which equally freaked and thrilled me.  I love street art, graffiti and anything massive.  And like with any new project that I undertake, I bought several books on large scale street art so I could document myself on the techniques before I get started. It didn’t go as planned, Friboy got in the way :).

The moment I start laying my ideas on the wall, un unassuming voice in my back says: “Mom what are you doing? Can I help?”.  And there goes my plan of doing an abstract floral mural. Because, he has another idea, he wants an Oggy and the cockroaches scene.

Drawing Oggy

I love to create around his drawings, it’s highly stimulating and challenging to design a composition that works for both of us. So I gave in to his idea. He drew his Oggy scene and I began doing my flowers from there.

This is how the story unfolded in the end:

The cockroaches hit Oggy with a hammer in the head, he tries to tap them with a fly swatter but it doesn’t work. He then sets a bomb in an underground tunnel underneath them. But the bomb explodes in color painting everything around them.

Oggy is happy because he sees pink stars with turquoise stripes and everything is psychedelic.

The end



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