Nicolas de Staël, J Balvin, Willy William – mixed media painting: music, acrylic, collage and lots of dancing.

No connection between Nicolas de Staël and J Balvin or Willy William other than me trying to bridge the gap between high culture and mass culture for my son because as the lyrics say: mi música no discrimina a nadie así que vamos a romper. Pop culture speaks to people, especially the young generations, in ways that fine or classic art cannot and communication is the key to everything. I think it is important to find links between the two in order to make the later more approachable.

This painting was inspired by Russian french painter Nicolas de Staël’s series The Footballers, which he painted after seeing a football match France – Sweden in 1952. His abstraction of movement is beautiful, it almost seems that those men are dancing on the field.

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Only that my son doesn’t like football, he likes music and dancing. His latest craze is Mi Gente – J Balvin & Willy William. So I thought I’d make this fun and interesting for him by painting the song in a Staël way: bold colors, thick brush strokes, abstract figures.


I played the song and he danced while painting. He had fun and was very proud of his work. We used acrylics and craft paper which we glued with regular craft glue and topped with nail polish for added shine.

If a song makes you bounce your head when you hear it, that is art!

Si el ritmo te lleva a mover la cabeza ya empezamos como es
Mi música no discrimina a nadie así que vamos a romper

Toda mi gente se mueve
Mira el ritmo cómo los tiene
Hago música que entretiene
El mundo nos quiere, nos quiere

P. S. One of the footballer paintings is at Martigny in Switzerland at the Fondation Gianadda.

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