Christmas Cookies by FriBoy

We made our traditional Santa’s cookies today, which FriBoy leaves on Christmas Eve by the fireplace for Santa and his reindeer to eat, together with a hot cup of black Earl Gray tea because this Santa doesn’t like milk.

Santa’s treat

I didn’t do this when I was a child but he started this tradition and I like it because he actually bakes the cookies himself.

Here’s our recipe:

Beat 5 egg whites with 230 g caster sugar and 20 g vanilla sugar into stiff peaks.

Add 300 g sour cream and slowly whisk in 250 g white flour.


Use a spoon or a piping bag to mold the cookies on the baking tray.

Sprinkle with raisins.

Bake for 15 min at 180 C.

Enjoy and make sure to leave some for Santa.

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