Today instead of art we did an easy STEM project…easy to build but not as easy to imagine and also to design the trajectory for the small wooden balls so they fill each of the plastic cups at the bottom of the board.

We basically built a cardboard track game using wooden spatulas which we glued with a hot glue gun. I used small wooden beads which I had bought years ago to make myself a painted necklace. I finally got to use them .

So this is what you need:

It’s an intuitive way to show kids how physics works and enable them to plan ahead (my corporate self would have called this tactics) but also think in detail. Kids also learn you can build toys with regular stuff you have in the house or re-purpose it, like I did with my beads.

You can make it more interesting by choosing a theme and drawing or painting the cardboard. In our case FriBoy was not keen on this idea.

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