Ogoz Island

Ogoz island is a popular destination in the canton of Fribourg, laying in the lake of Gruyeres, reachable by foot in spring and summer when water recedes. We hiked to Ogoz last weekend for the first time and it didn’t disappoint. When it comes to nature I don’t really like to go to the crowded and popular places, I prefer remote and less known but Ogoz island is really a must for everyone living here or just visiting.

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Urban hiking – Sentier Ritter

This is one of my favorite hikes in Fribourg because it’s well hidden and goes through a forest and along a lake giving me the impression that I am far away from the urban world. These nature trails in the middle of the city make this place so appealing and special to me. Back when we used to live in Bucharest we had weekends to get away from the city and see some nature but it took so much time (spent in traffic) to get there that the trip defeated its purpose.

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Urban hiking – Passarelle des Neigles

Je fais des promenades journalières sans but, juste pour le plaisir de découvrir la ville, la nature urbaine et les gens, et depuis quelques semaines j’ai corrompu mon mari à me joindre. Aujourd’hui c’était lui qui avait proposé de descendre en Basse Ville par la passarelle des Neigles, une route qu’on n’avait pas empruntée avant.

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