For this week’s Artsy Wednesdays we made a family of paper peacocks. It was again one of those days where I was too tired to plan and think of something more interesting and I just googled quickly for an idea that is easy and fast to make. However, this proved to me that the simplest ideas are more captivating and equally spark creativity as compared to more complex projects. In fact, we have a history of activities that failed to make FriBoy interested up to the end because I used to think that complex is better, develops more competencies and keeps kids more interested. But that is so untrue, quite the opposite actually. So I’ve learned no to underestimate the easy ones.

Draw and cut a bird shape on colored paper or card-stock. Make a fan for the tail. It is better to use a thinner paper for the fan to make it easier for the kid to fold it himself. Glue the body to the middle of the fan and than glue the inside edges together.

Draw and cut shapes for the crest, legs, beck and wings. You can draw the eyes for glue plastic ones.

He loved this activity and the birds so much that he asked to make a whole family of peacocks which he integrated in his Lego play. This kept him busy for a couple of hours, which is a rare thing for us.

Even the dog loved it.

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