The transcendental chicken


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Signed and dated fine art print of one of my original paintings.

The transcendental chicken is the master of transcendence because he has passed the ultimate test of life, to transcend his own nature, his chickeness – the fear that kept him paralyzed in the paradox of the flightless bird, “destined” to serve as meal for the humans.
He was not magically enlightened into an eagle state or rebirthed as a Phoenix through some external intervention, he is still a chicken that feels and experiences everything that a chicken does. He became the boss of his fears, and although fear is always there in his reptilian brain with threats of deadly viruses, chicken eating evil beings, and KFC crispy strips, it no longer runs the show. He walked hand in hand with fear until fear became his greatest teacher.
So where other chickens see danger, fearing, repercussions, persecutions, loss and judgement, the Transcendental Chicken sees opportunity, possibility, evolution and growth.
His message is:
“Running from fear, seeking safety in known and practiced behaviors is an illusion. Fear cannot be escaped because it is not external, it resides deep in your limbic brain, operating through your subconscious mind programming, rearing its head when it perceives a threat, keeping you a slave to your past. The way out of fear is always through it, by walking the dark tunnel of your subconscious into the unknown, where nor your, nor anyone else in your family have dared venture before. Life does not reward the fittest, it rewards the bravest. Step into the dark cave of your mind with fearlessness because nothing that needs to hide has any power of its own, your fear fuels it. Life is always on your side but it requires you to trust and move forth with courage.”

Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag ultra smooth 305 g/m2 paper, 100% cotton, acid and lignin free, museum quality for highest age resistance.

Printed in Switzerland.

The frame is not included.

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A3 (29,7 x 42 cm)


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